Swingin’OUT - Classes

Classes are held on Thursday evenings at The 519. See our calendar for details. Pre-register here.

Beginner Class
6-week progressive series of beginner classes. No dance experience or partner required.
Time: 7 pm
Cost: $35 (A $7 per-class rate is offered a few times a year to allow newcomers to try a class or 2 before committing to a full series of 6 classes.)

Teachers are usually present starting at 6:45 pm, so arrive early to practice, ask questions, or help set up the room for class.
Intermediate and Advanced Classes
Also held on Thursday evenings, these classes are by invitation only for those students who have mastered the basics.
Cost: $45 and $50 respectively (Students are welcome and encouraged to attend all classes at or below their own skill level.)
Social Dancing
Class nights also include some time for social dancing. Everyone is welcome!

For more information, please feel free to contact us.